3rd International Conference on 'Computing, Communication and Sensor Network'

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Technical Sessions and Acceptance Notice of Papers of CCSN2014

12/12/2014  Time: 9 to 9:30AM   Registration.

12/12/2014   Time: 9:30 - 10:30 PHOTO SESSION

12/12/2014  Time: 10 to 11 AM  Inaugural Session

Paper Presentation Schedule:

12/12/2014    Time: 11:15 to 1:30PM

Session- 1    Chair: Prof.Ganapati Panda, IIT, Bhubaneswar

                           /Prof.Rajendra Prasad, IIT, Roorkee  

Panel Members:       

1. Prof.N.K.Kamila, Professor, CSE dept., CVRaman College of Engg.,

2. Prof. Punyaban Patel, Chhatrapati Shivaji Institute of Technology,Durg, Chattishgarh.

3. Prof. J.K.Mandal, Kalyani University, West Bengal


 Paper ids: 38, 56, 77, 100, 61


 Session-2:   12/12/2014    time: 2:15- 4:15PM

  Session Chair: Prof.S.P.Maity, Professor, IIEST,Shibpur,Howrah

Panel Members:

1. Prof.JS Roy, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar                ..

2. Prof.Kandar, NEHU, Shilong,Meghalaya

3. Prof.N.K.Kamila, CV.Raman College of Engg.Bhubaneswar                ..

 Paper ids: 89, 71, 44, 21, 87, 40, 36, 80


 Session-3:   12/12/2014    time: 4:15-6:00PM  

 Session Chair: Prof.J.S.Roy, Professor, ETC, KIIT University

  1. Prof.Vijay Nath, BITS Meshra, Rachi, Jharkhand
  2. Prof.Prabir Saha, NIT, Meghalaya

3.   Prof. Mihir Narayan Mohanty, SOA University, Bhubaneswar.


 Paper ids:  22, 33, 39, 73, 96, 101, 46, 52, 8.

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  PPT submission option is activated now, upload your PPT in paper uploading site of us.


 N.B. Somoe good and presented papers of CCSN2014 will be published in a Special issue of International Journal of Micro System Technologies/Springer Publisher.

Some papers will be forwarded to IJCA, IJCAES also.




Paper ID  Status                 Comments 

1.     Waiting..              



2.     Rejected


3.   Accepted( Fig-1 is not readable, Fig8 & 9 needs to be modified for B/W proceeding book, it looks like dark black box, background of graph may be changed).


4.   Rejected


5.   Accepted  ( Reediting required, make table-1 &2 smaller in size and divide it into many tables. Rewrite abstractFollow the guideline mentioned in Paper Template available in our Google drive link under CCSN2014 directory Paper must be within max.6 pgs. Of A4 size. (For rest of each pgs. Rs.1000/ to be paid extra.)


6. Rejected


7. Accepted.


8. Accepted


9. Accepted (Follow the guideline mentioned in paper template  available in our Google drive link under CCSN2014 directory)


10. Accepted(Figure 8, graph is not visible within dark background, if possible, change background)




12. Rejected


13. Accepted( In pg-2, Fig-3 is missing,

Fonts of References should be same.


14. Accepted (Eliminate, straight line between for and end. Follow guide line of Paper Template for making Table)


15. Accepted (Mention full form of DDoS when 1st used,  use standard format for table caption


16. Accepted( Abstract is not reflecting the research work done in this paper.  In pg-2  parameters of  equation for MSE should be defined, what is r* , g* ? Follow paper template standard format for reediting)


17. Accepted(Abstract should be reedited, paper format should be like paper template available in Google drive link given in our website. Left/right/top/bottom margins should be as per guide line)


18. Accepted( In pg-2, Fig-3 is missing, Fonts of References should be same.)


19. Accepted(Format should be like paper template as Two column format. Max 6 pgs. Of A4 size paper. For rest of each page Rs.1000/ to be paid). No page number within the paper)


20. Accepted.


41. Accepted(Rewrite abstract section, check grammars also.)


42. Accepted


43. Accepted(Fig-3, 4 not  is not readable,  Fig7,8 not readable, you may avoid dark black simulation snapshot.)


44. Accepted


45. Accepted


46. Accepted( Table 1 nonreadable, when in head of column the left of equation present avoid left side within cell, it will save space. Fig 18, 19, 20 not readable. Avoid snapshot, copy from the graph Check spelling like ‘Modelling’ in conclusion)


47. Accepted(Write eq of Chisquare within equation editor , in pg4, feature selection subsection3rd line overwritten as(1)).


48. Accepted(Equations of throughput, latency, PDR etc. calculation  must be included. Say about simulation environment and parameter values)


49. Accepted(Give some algorithmic expression of symmetric key and making data digest. Definition of key, technology of ranges of keys etc).

50. Rejected

51. Rejected

52. Accepted

53. Accepted(Fig2 caption should be below the figure, do simulation over large number of packet not only 250 packets. Mention equation of PDR how it was found)

55. Accepted (At pg 3 ‘computea’ is misspelled, in conclusion it is told that by simulation table-1 result achieved but, how it was computed those equations are required with parameter values)

56.Accepted(Fig2 caption should be below the figure, do simulation over large number of packet not only 250 packets. Mention equation of PDR how it was found)

57. Accepted for without ORAL presentation(Format of abstract and reference should be of two columns. English is poor, needs to improve).


58. Accepted


59. Accepted( Reformatting is required, there are many problems in reference , Table 10 section All tables should be reedited according the template of our paper)


60. Rejected




81. Accepted( Grammatical mistakes, in abstract, ‘and maintain…’,  rewrite abstract,

A simple encrypt /decrypt algorithm is proposed but features of Cloud where is related to this algorithm that should be find out)


82. Accepted(Fig-1 is not readable, make it in single column, unnecessary snapshot of screen may be avoided, put Labelling to figures).


83. Accepted(Paper template is not proper. Font , figure labels should be as our requirement).


84. Accepted(In abstract, how social index was measured that should be the main focus).


85. Accepted.


86. Accepted.


87. Accepted.


88. Accepted.


89. Accepted(Fig 1, flowchart is not readable)


90. Accepted.

















Award distribution Session of CCSN2013 at IETE building, Kolkata,India

Session-4:   13/12/2014    time: 9:30-11:30 

    Session Chair: Prof.N.K.Kamila, Professor, CV.Raman Coll. of Engg.

Panel members:

 1.   Prof.Debdatta Kandar, NEHU, Shilong, Meghalaya./

 2.   Prof.J.K.Mandal, Professor, Kalyani University, W.B.

 3.   Prof.  Punyaban Patel, Chhatrapati Shivaji Institute of Technology,Durg, Chattishgarh

4.  Dr. Nibedita Adhikary, Dept.Director(Exam.), BPUT, Rourkela, Odisha

 Paper ids:  63, 86, 81, 15, 41, 98,

- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 Session-5: 13/12/2014    time: 11:45-1:30

  Session Chair: Prof.Vijay Nath, Professor, VLSI, BITS, Mesra,Rachi

                           Prof.(Dr.)P.Patel,Professor,Chhatrapati Shivaji Institute of

Technology, Durg, Chhattishgarh

Panel Members:

      1.     Prof. Mihir Narayan Mohanty, SOA University, Bhubaneswar

      2.     Prof. Prabir Saha, NIT, Meghalaya

      3.     Dr.L.Nirmala Devi, Osmania University, Hyderabad

 Paper ids:  62, 17, 25, 13, 18, 82, 09


 Session-6:  13/12/2014   time: 2:00-3:30PM

 SessionChair:Dr.Nibedita Adhikary,Dept.Director(exam), BPUT, Odisha

Panel Members:   

  1.  Prof. Prabir Saha , NIT, Meghalaya

2.     Prof. JK.Mandal, Kalyani University, W.B.

3.     Prof. Punyaban Patel, Chhatrapati Shivaji Institute of Technology, Durg, Chattishgarh

 Paper ids: 91, 14, 72, 24, 83,10, 26


 Session -7: 13/12/2014 time: 3:30-5:00PM

 Session Chair: Prof.Mihir N.Mohanty , Asso.Professor, ITER, BBSR.

                          and Prof.JS Roy, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar.

 Paper ids: 84, 47, 23, 99, 78, 65, 31, 93.


 Valedictory/Award distribution Session;

 Date: 13/12/2014  time: 5-6:00PM,

Venue: Hotel Puri Beach Resort, (Near Light House), Swargadwar.


 Note: programs on 12th Dec. at Hotel Chanakya BNR

 Programs on 13th Dec. at Puri Sea Beach Resort.

14/12/2014: Tour Program




Paper ID      Status     Comments

21. Accepted


22. Accepted(Description of the results are absent. Experiments should be discussed in details. To make the graphs as professional, dark shades from sides should be avoided, in Matlab, copying graph option can solve the problem)


23. Accepted

24. Accepted


25. Accepted(Fig-4,5,6 are within dark black, if possible , make background in light color that graphs become visible)


26. Accepted(Table 1 is not in proper format)


[Notice: Accepted means Accepted as ORAL Presentation and

Accepted Without ORAL Presentation means 'ORAL' presentation is not confirmed, if anyone remains absent, they may get chance to present ORALLY taking permission from Session Chair. Papers of both categories will be printed in Proceeding Book.]


27. Accepted


28. Accepted(Maximum of 6pgs. Is allowed for proceeding book, but for digital Journal more pgs. Are allowed. For us, more than 6pgs, Rs.1000/ per page extra payment to be done).


29.Accepted(Abstract should be rewritten, which algorithm is implemented should be written inside the paper)




31. Accepted as Without ORAL Presentation(English quality of abstract section needs to be improved. Graphs labeling and caption is not proper. Graphs are not readable and not explained properly), Upgraded for ORAL PRESENTATION.


32. Accepted.


33. Accepted.(Authors contribution is not clear, how to improve this ckt for consideration of switching time or any problem of this ckt should be discussed and solved.Reference format is not proper).


34. Accepted(Our paper template is of two column, max. 6pgs of A4 size. For more than extra each page extra Rs.1000/ to be paid)


35. Accepted as Without ORAL Presentation  (Paper template/format must be maintained)


 36. Accepted(Fig3 & 4 are not readable)


37. Accepted


38. Accepted(n Pg-3, eq. should be written within equation editor. Format of the paper is not as our requirement. Reediting required)


39. Accepted(Flowchart in pg3 is not readable. Two graphs are not readable. Reediting required).

40. Accepted.



61. Accepted(Fig3.2, 3.3 etc. are nonreadable..)


62. Accepted


63. Accepted


64. Accepted


65.Accepted(Format is not as our paper template,  abstract will be in two column format, single line space etc. This is a good work of authors. But challenges issues, minimum one is not mentioned, if so, which can be discussed in conference)


66. Accepted(Abstract should be rewritten. Hybidization of two protocol should get more important, RSA() algorithm has no justification here, 1st line of introduction , sectence formation error, in result delay, energy comparison is there, but how delay/energy is calculated, equations are required. Else, how is it calculated?)


67. Accepted(  In abstract mention specifically which technique of DNA computing has beenapplied in your work, Snapshot of fig5 & 6 are nonreadable and not required. Rather mention encryption and decryption details, Not the output of software, but how they have computed within the software that is required .)


68. Rejected


69. Accepted(Fig 2.2 is not readable, make it within Msword drawing, Fig 7.1.1 , 7.1.2 have no meaning to readers, eliminate it, rewrite fig.6, avoid fig 7.3)


70. Rejected


71. Accepted


72. Accepted


73. Accepted


74. Accepted  with condition(Format should be two column, follow paper template strictly. Many grammatical and spell mistakes, e.g. in abstract, ‘Hear with integration…’,  rewrite abstract again mentioning your contribution. In introduction ‘ early 50s’ what is it? Caption of figures are not proper, reference format is not proper.)


75. Accepted without ORAL presentation(Paper format is not proper it should be two column format, many grammatical and spell mistakes. In abstract ‘ an comparable’ should be ‘a comparable’, ‘… performance then …’, it should be ‘… than…’,  paper suffers many limitations.)


76. Accepted.


77. Accepted.




79. Accepted(Max.6pgs. is allowed for proceeding book, for rest of each page extra Rs.1000 to be paid with registration page, you paper is of 17 pgs. Of one col. It should be 2 columns.)


80. Accepted.


91. Accepted


92. Accepted as Without ORAL Presentation( It seems like only assembly work, Further improvement is required, details of auto error detection, experiments of flexibility metrics etc. should be included.)


93. Accepted.


94. Accepted


96. Accepted


97. Accepted as without ORAL Presentation(Mathematical eq. is absent, how feature values were calculated is not clear. For recognition, training set and SVM need more discussion. Experiments are not understood.)


98. Accepted.


99. Accepted


100. Accepted


101. Accepted( Rewrite abstract, grammatical mistakes are there, Fig.4 is not readable)






for other papers result wait........












Delegates at Hotel Peerless INN, Kolkata,India at Inaugural Session of CCSN2013.